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I am starting a new series on Livin’ Sassy.   I’m calling it “Sassy in San Antonio.”

It’s going to be like the “Sassy Girlfriend Top 10 Favorite Things.”   Do y’all remember those?  You’ll have to think way back, it’s when I first started the blog. I loved it because I got to share my girlfriends with my readers. I could brag on them and their lists would give you a little glimpse into their world.  They came from all over Texas and the US for that matter! Sassiness is universal!

Over  the past two years of blogging,  Livin’ Sassy has evolved into a little place on the internet to not only find the latest things in San Antonio and the Hill Country, but a space to be inspired, laugh and find new places to explore.   And for me,  there is nothing more inspiring than spending time with my girlfriends.  Since most of us are so busy with work, family and just life in general, we’ll just meet the virtual way!

To give you some idea of the format, I’ll go first! Every week will be different and I am sure you will find an endless supply of places to go in San Antonio. And I plan on reaching out to my friends from all over.  San Antonio can be totally different depending on whether you are a tourist, retiree, military or a military spouse and resident!

And with so much growth taking place, there will always be new things to do and see. You are sure to discover some old time favorites that might be brand new to you!

So may I present  the very first edition of  “Sassy in San Antonio”  according to Sassy, um, that’s me!  I am a wife, 5 time half-marathon survivor, lip stick lover, slightly addicted to costume jewelry, and some have said highly opinionated, mother of 3.

My great big family. The kids that acted up ended up in the hot VW Bus!

My great big family. The kids that acted up ended up in the hot VW Bus!


What is your history with San Antonio?  I don’t remember coming here as a child but I do remember trips in college on our way to South Padre Island.  We would stay in a hotel way off the River Walk because as college students, that ‘s all we could afford! I grew up in East Texas with eight brothers and sisters, our vacations consisted of riding in two cars (a VW Bus with no air conditioning and a Plymouth station wagon). We would go to Louisiana and Mississippi to attend family reunions and visit cemeteries. It was actually a little more fun than it sounds!  My true feel for all that San Antonio had to offer started when I would come and visit on business trips for work.  Some time later, my  husband was offered a job when he finished graduate school,  and that’s when the love affair began!




Hardberger Park has two parts. This one is off of Blanco and Wurzbach.

Hardberger Park has two parts. This one is off of Blanco and Wurzbach.


What is your favorite family activity in SA? We have 3 kids and they have a wide age range so it’s a little more difficult to please everyone. Our best bet is Hardberger Park because we can walk the dog and they have a playground and bike trails for  our eight year old twins and a basketball court for our 15 year old boy that loves to shoot hoops. If we have a full day for family time , (which is rare these days) a trip to Garner State Park is perfect.  You can take a dip in the Frio River, go hiking, ride paddle boats or just relax and take in the scenery. In case you haven’t heard, it is quite the trendy teenager destination and they can be hard to please!






 Mother's Day Lunch and Twin's Birthday celebration at Boudro's

Mother’s Day Lunch and Twin’s Birthday celebration at Boudro’s

Do  you have any must places to eat? My husband and I are foodies so we love to try out all the new places as time allows. I could probably give you a mile long list of places to try and have blogged about so many. Lately, since our son is a freshman at Antonian and we are constantly driving him from practice to social functions and back again, we have discovered this little place in Castle Hills called Garibaldi. The service is friendly and fast and the food is fabulous. We find ourselves between games or waiting to pick him up after practice so it’s real easy to go in and have a bowl of tortilla soup. They also have whole wheat tortillas that are so rare to find in a restaurant. We order them to go and freeze them for tacos made at home. On the weekends, we like to go to the Point Park and Eats. It’s a food truck park on Boerne Stage Road. They have a playground and you can sample the latest fare from some of the best trucks in SA.  I  always get asked about places to eat on the Riverwalk and my answer is always Boudro’s. It is elegant but laid back and right off the most popular spot on the river. I would advise reservations because it is a favorite of both tourists and locals!


Karolina's off of Blanco and Hildebrand has unique and changing inventory.

Karolina’s near Blanco and Hildebrand has unique jewelry and antiques. The inventory changes pretty often.


What about shopping? Sassy girls shop, don’t they? Believe it or not, I don’t shop that often! I really don’t have much time to browse these days. When I do get a  leisurely chance to shop, my favorite place is the Shops at LaCantera. We can go as a family and the teen can go one way with his friends and the twins in another direction with us. Of course, we end up on the playground and eventually at the book store. If it’s just me running around, I love the little antique shops along Hildebrand and Blanco for unique finds. I also love Versona in Huebner Oaks because I can get an outfit, shoes and jewelry all under one roof! I went to a gala not too long ago and literally picked out my entire outfit in 15 minutes! Now, that’s what I consider sassy!





Annual Peach Picking Trip to Fredericksburg

Annual Peach Picking Trip to Fredericksburg


Do you have a favorite scenic drive?  One of the things I love most about San Antonio is that there are so many experiences in just a short distance. Not only can you drive around town but you can bike now with the BCycle program. It’s pretty easy to just rent a bike and go. For the most part when we do have visitors from out of town , we have to take them through the King William District to see the magnificent, historic homes. And just around the corner on Flores St. is the new urban development that is taking place with loft and apartment housing.  I find it so interesting to see the contrast between the two periods of time. Since I grew up in a small town, I love to drive up and down the back roads along Scenic Loop Rd.  and through the Hill Country. Our favorite time of year to take drives is peach picking season and when the wildflowers start blooming. It’s usually mid March through late May.  The little towns that you visit along the way have their own histories and stories to discover. It could take you decades to see it all!




Fiesta Arts Fair

Fiesta Arts Fair


Do you have any advice that you would give a first time visitor to San Antonio?  Oh gosh, there is so much! I guess the thing I think you will find most memorable about San Antonio is the people. They are warm, friendly and they love their city. And we all feel like it is our city.  You really need to come back and experience events like Fiesta that is held by volunteers. It is a unique blend of cultures and events hosted by local non-profits and various branches of the military.  And all the proceeds go towards scholarships in the community! I would also recommend that a first time visitor bring one of those spray misters if you come and visit from June through August! It’s kind of hot at that time of year!

What does  being “Sassy in San Antonio” mean to you?  After living in San Antonio for fifteen years, it means something totally different then when I was a tourist visiting from Dallas. It’s not just a really cool city with great tourist spots. San Antonio has a heart and soul that is as rich and diverse as its culture, history and most of all its people. San Antonio gets in your soul. And I am proud to say that it’s deep down in mine!


Stay Sassy Y’all.  



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