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Sarah Cho Here is another edition to our  “Sassy in San Antonio”  series. It’s where I ask friends to tell their things around town that make them feel sassy!

This week we are hearing from Sarah. She is a very good friend of my twin mom friend Erin.  Do y’all remember her?  She is the former news anchor and reporter who I met in my SAAMOM group.  She’s been posting on her Facebook page how much she loved going to her pilates class. She said it was the best workout she had ever had in her life and she had become really good friends with the owner. Well, I wanted to get to know her a little better, so I asked if she wanted to share her sassy spots around town!

Meet Sarah, she is a mom, exercise guru, nature lover and entrepreneur who owns Papillion Pilates.  She also loves life in San Antonio.

What are your first memories of visiting San Antonio?

When I first got to San Antonio, I was beginning my sophomore year of high school and
I arrived here from Toronto, Canada. I got out of the car and stepped foot onto the grass
and to this day I remember how foreign it felt under my feet. The grass felt like a thick
carpet – it almost felt fake to me! I remember being completely excited that I was in a
place where oranges could grow so of course- my kids and I had to plant an orange tree
in our backyard.



Boys at the Beach What are some of your favorite family places to go?
My 2 boys and I love to be outdoors so you will find us at nearby state parks such as
Inks Lake, Choke Canyon, Enchanted Rock, etc. There are many hiking and biking trails
in and around San Antonio. If we are looking to get away and relax, we like to pack
some snacks and go tubing on the Guadalupe River. We always have a great time and
phones and electronic devices get ruined in the water so they have to talk!




Wild West What’s your favorite Girls night out place?
When we go out, my girlfriends and I will meet at Papillon Pilates for a great workout so
that we won’t feel too guilty about having a cocktail or two. After that, we will meet out at
Stonewerks or Bar Louie for dinner or we will head to Wild West to go dancing. At Wild
West, the music is good and you will almost always run into someone you know!






imageWhat advice would you give to someone moving to San Antonio?
San Antonio is a large city but can quickly begin to feel like a small town. There seems
to be few degrees of separation between San Antonio residents. If you are moving to
San Antonio find a hobby or an interest group to get involved with so that you can begin
to establish relationships and build roots. For instance, find a fitness facility where you
can get out, do something positive and healthy for yourself and at the same time, meet
people too! Papillon Pilates is a great place for that, the members at the Pilates studio
are friends too! They not only get a great workout but they get a chance to socialize with
one another as well as support and motivate each other to continue towards their fitness
Though there are many large businesses and our economy is comparatively good to
other cities, our attitudes are a little more laid back than our northern counterparts.
Though we tout the Alamo and the grand River Walk, we have many hidden gems that
you need to look for such as the sights of the Mission trails, Enchanted Rock, and many
other both indoor and outdoor activities. The arts scene is worth exploring and you can’t
beat our restaurants, you may soon find yourself proudly declaring the San Antonio
Spurs as your home team.

Stonewerks Do you have a favorite food?
I don’t know if I have a specific favorite food, I have some favorite restaurants though! I
like Aldaco’s because it’s right by my pilates studio and I can meet friends over there for
a great meal as well as a great view! They have an awesome patio and the service is
good too. My family enjoys going to La Hacienda which has a great play area outdoors
for my kiddos if they are having a hard time sitting still…. The food is great and they also have a wonderful outside  patio area with live music. Notice that I tend to go places that have a good outdoor patio- who wants to stay inside when it’s so beautiful out!

If I were going to take some out of towners out to dinner, I would visit either of the
restaurants mentioned but I may also take them out to La Fogata . Great food and
ambiance. Okay- so here is a little bit of information about me that I probably wouldn’t
normally share- but since you asked about restaurants… there is one outside of San
Antonio near Comfort, TX that I LOVE- it’s called Alamo Springs Café– it is the epitome
of Texas Country to me. Friendly people, outdoor restaurant, you can bring your DOG!!
The food is really not good for you but it tastes great! The live music is tons of fun and
whenever I go, I feel welcome and amongst friends. When my visiting friends come to
get a taste of Texas, I head that way first!

Stay Sassy Y’all. 


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