Sassy in San Antonio with Kaycie


We have week two of “Sassy in San Antonio.” It’s a little series on the blog that finds out what my girlfriend’s favorite things are to do in town.

This week, I asked Kaycie to share her thoughts on San Antonio. I first met her at playgroup when my son was about four or five and her daughters were about the same age.  I can’t remember exactly but I knew the minute I met her that we would get along nicely! She’s laid back and doesn’t take things too seriously, and then there’s that mutual love of wine! I thought it would be great to get her perspective on SA since she has moved overseas.

Kaycie Here’s Kaycie: a wife, mother, globetrotter, lover of dogs, wine, flowers, Chick-Fil-A and Bunco.

What are your first thoughts about San Antonio? 

San Antonio!– just the name makes me happy!

I had lived in San Antonio 14 years when my husband’s job
moved us to the UK, three years ago. So, trying to remember my
first thoughts and impressions of SA is proving harder that I
thought. We moved from Houston and all I knew was that it was
a smaller community and it was the home of the Alamo.

That first year is a bit of a blur– finding a lot to build on, learning
my way around ( pre SAT Navigation system!), and trying to get pregnant (Now–
be nice!)

After kids, you are thrust into a whole new life that totally revolves
around the offspring.

Kaycie's now teenage daughters are enjoying exploring Europe.

Kaycie’s now teenage daughters are enjoying exploring Europe.


One of the best parts of this new life was playgroups! I loved playgroups. You can visit with other adults going through all the same craziness you are. They understood how important is was when on Blues Clues Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper had a new baby– Cinnamon ! Or just how much you really hated that Barney song!

I’m still really close to those first moms! They became my rock through hard times. Never underestimate the friends you make when you’re just hanging out!

I don’t know how many times we went to Chick-fil-A– probably
hundreds! Now that my kids are in high school and middle school- I look back ( somewhat amused) at the time I had to carry/drag both my toddlers out of Chick-fil-a under my arms like sacks
of potatoes–(screaming and wailing sacks of potatoes). Or the time I witnessed a friend swat one of her kids. Fast food playgrounds have a way of humbling even the most together parent. For so long the most important part of finding a place to take the kids to lunch was that they must have a playground. It didn’t matter much what kind of food they served– just that they had a playground. As the kids grew older a new priority was emerging- a place that served margaritas (generally for me, not the kids). Las Palapas was my favorite. Another good place was Bigz ( I know–technically they don’t serve ritas, but, they do serve wine!)

Kaycie with her friends from bible study.

Kaycie with her friends from bible study.


I have to say one of the reasons this amazing group of women
stayed together for so long was that we were also in a bible study
group (for >10 yrs!).
This is probably what I miss the most about moving away. The
support and love that we showed each other. SA is one of those
places that you can be working on your bible study while you’re
getting your car washed and end up talking to a whole room full of
strangers that have done that exact bible study. People in SA are
not afraid of talking about their faith.

I’m not really answering the questions that Laura gave me about
listing my favorite places and restaurants in SA (I think my lists
may be outdated anyway!)
I wanted to share my feelings about the best city to have a family,
raise kids and make lasting friendships.

I am enjoying being an expatriate right now. And certainly there are
lots of things I miss about SA (Mexican food! Corn tortillas, American beef, iced tea…..)

Kaycie and her husband consider San Antonio home.

Kaycie and her husband consider San Antonio home.


But, when we move back to SA– I will be coming home!!



And I know a lot of people that  can’t wait for you to get here, Kaycie!


Stay Sassy Y’all. 



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