Love and Head Shots


Well,  I’m Back!

Did y’all miss me?

I sure did miss you!

I was hunkered down in an undisclosed location for what seemed like an eternity!

I had a goal and I reached it.

I will tell you more about that later!

My big blog redesign happened, although it is more like a sprucing up.  It reminds me of a spa treatment right before you go to your class reunion! Your friends swear you look different but they aren’t quite sure why.

Livin’ Sassy is refreshed and ready for some more blogging!

And as part of the new design, I recently had some head shots done. I talked the big Stud into getting some too! He was long overdue for some new photos and has his own blog to update. Isn’t that the modern day romance; a date to take head shots for your blogs!

I called my friend and photographer Bea Simmons to take on the challenge of making us look good!  Neither one of us are big fans of posing for pictures. I smile too big and squint my eyes and he just doesn’t like to smile.

Economists can be so serious!

Bea has a new studio that is located off of Broadway near the San Antonio Museum Art. It has a gorgeous view of downtown. She took our family pictures last year but this time it was going to be just the two us and in the new studio.

Laura Nivin Blogger and RealtorI don’t think I’ve had a better time taking head shots.








LauraSassyI’m trying to be serious with no eye squints. 

It’s so hard.

I smile a lot.

I can’t help it!





Steve Nivin Economist

I love this picture.

He bought the tie when we were in Charleston this summer. 

I feel weak when I see him in cuff links.

OK, you can’t actually see his cuff links in this picture but I know they are there!

Brains are sexy!




SteveDowntownEcononmyWhen I noticed the view of downtown,  I realized that we had to have Bea take a picture in front of this window.

It captures so much in one photo frame.

Energy, downtown, urban renewal and creativity.

My man has studied them all.

And mostly in cufflinks!  Sigh.

LauraLowResRealtorWe had a background change.

And of course, I had to update the coordinating accessories and lipstick!

This ended up being “the shot.”

It was a sheer coincidence that it looks like my blog design.

I was feeling oh, so sassy!




SteveandLauraLowResI guess you shouldn’t wait twenty years to take pictures without your kids.

It might be the only time you can sneak away and hold hands and capture it all in pictures.

It was a whole hour of focusing on us.

A couple.

Man and wife.


Together through sickness and in health or thick and thin?

Isn’t that how it goes?

What a marvelous ride it’s been.

And it seems like it is only the beginning.

Love and head shots.

Stay Sassy Y’all!


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  1. Angie Ritenour says:

    I love your new photos Laura! XOXO

  2. You both look wonderful!! I miss you!

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