Pinterest Comes to Life Once a Year


I just spent the weekend with my husband. And unlike the other fifty-one weekends of the year, it was just us.

We have gotten away for at least one night together for the last nineteen years. It started out as a way to celebrate my husband’s birthday.

After the kids arrived, it became mandatory for our marriage to stay happy. If the budget allows, we like to choose a four star hotel because it just makes it even more special.

There have been plenty of years that it ended up being a one star hotel! It really doesn’t matter where we escape but just the fact that we escape!



Should I mention that my son was almost named after one of the hotel rooms we stayed in?

We decided that the Four Seasons at Las Colinas didn’t really roll off the tongue!





This year, we were able to redeem some of our charge card points to stay at the Eilan Hotel.

We’ve been there for some events before but have never seen the hotel rooms.

How shall I describe them?



If you are like one of my many girlfriends that scroll Pinterest with a glass of wine and  fantasize about their dream bedroom, this hotel room would be what you come up with!


My theory is that we scroll through Pinterest and then look around a realize that our actual house might never remotely come close to all those pretty pictures, it is at that point that we pour a glass of wine.

Or, maybe that’s just me!





Anyway, the minute we opened the door to our room, we exhaled.


Did I mention it was pretty?








I don’t want to pretend to be any sort of decorator. I still have Waverly wallpaper in my kitchen, for goodness sake. I even have the border with fruit on it! I’ve been meaning to get it painted but you know, I’ve been a little busy and the big Stud isn’t exactly what you would call a handy man. He works with his brain and the last time I checked brainpower  doesn’t remove glue from the back of wallpaper put up in 1999.

I thought the wallpaper was pretty at that time too!






I am sure that there were a team of designers that decided the design elements of each aspect of the room. I’m not going to spend too much of my own brain power thinking about how the look comes together perfectly. I just know that I love it.

And we didn’t want to leave.


Checkout time is 11am and we stayed until 10:59am.


I thought about taking pictures to share with you at the last minute as I was putting on my make up.  Of course, I was running late so the hubby took the pictures. He never took one of the entire room. I didn’t even look at the pictures until later because I got distracted by the music from the farmer’s market.

I am easily distracted by fresh produce, jazz and food trucks.

In less than 10 minutes after packing our car with our overnight luggage and finds from the farmer’s market, we pulled up into our driveway.

We were once again renewed and ready for the next 364 days of wedded bliss.

Our house, with dated kitchen wallpaper and in need of a new coat of paint isn’t as remotely as nice as a four star hotel.



(my hubby and his selfie!) 

But it is filled with plenty of love.

The best of relationships are always in need of updating.

Hopefully, with our annual little maintenance plan, our marriage will last a lifetime.

And My Pinterest house is just perfect to me.

Stay Sassy Y’all.





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  1. Barbara Mohs says:

    Oh, I am so glad I am not the only one with Waverly wallpaper! Three rooms of it!!! It was here when we moved in…..6 years ago.

    • I have big plans this summer to paint the kitchen yellow! Wish me luck! And I know you will be Waverly free one of these day too! We’ve been busy!

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