My Boy


Ever since I went through all the  pictures for my son’s 8th grade graduation ceremony, I’ve been filled with such melancholy.

I will never forget when I took my son out in public by myself for the very first time.
He was about two weeks old and I ventured out to the mall. I took him to the bathroom in Dillard’s because I knew that they had those big chairs in the seating area. I thought it would be comfy and quiet in case I needed to feed him.

Do you remember being a first time mom and everything had to perfect, structured and carefully planned? Yeah, those days are so long gone. Besides, I’m just way more fun when I’m living in the moment!

Anyway, this sweet, elderly lady came up to me to offer me her pearls of advice. I don’t recall any stranger ever being so eloquent and determined to speak her mind. And the last thing she said to me with a tear in her eye was, “Treasure every second because it goes by so fast.”

At the moment, I think I I rolled my eyes and thought that it had been the longest day of my life just packing the diaper bag to get out the door. Surely, she was just being overly dramatic.

As I was going through all those pictures, I couldn’t help but remember that wise woman’s face and hear her voice replayed in my mind as I was looking through so many moments and events over the course of these almost fifteen years.

Here are just a few of those pictures of my son, my first born, my boy.


He’s quiet and sometimes stoic, even.






He’s brilliant.










He’s funny.








He’s warm.







He’s shy.










He’s loyal.








He’s competitive.








He’s nurturing.








He’s athletic.










And above all else, he’s kind.

I am so proud of him.

He will be in high school in a couple of months.








Today, I saw a woman in the bathroom changing her newborn son.








She looked anxious and nervous about getting the diaper back on just perfectly. I told her with tears in my eyes, “Relax, it doesn’t matter if it’s perfect, treasure every second because it goes by so fast”

I love you son.



Stay Sassy Y’all.

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    lsura with tears in my eyes you sre so very lucky. cheridh every moment even when the older girls start chrcking him out lol i just had to say that mom lol
    i love you darlin later jim bob

  2. Melissa Harken says:

    What a sweet story! Love the pictures.

  3. Jaime Cate says:

    Thank you Laura.:)… Loved this and all of your great posts. Hugs. Jaime

  4. Okay, nice to start my day with tears in my eyes. This story applies to so many areas of our lives. It all goes by fast and ignoring those special moments because of the fast-paced crazy world we live in, is a true loss.
    Hugs to my favorite sassy girl and her family.

  5. Jo Kemp Little says:

    How very true!! He looks a LOT like his Mom’s side of the family–don’t tell his Dad. Good looking young man, with his Grandmother Ott’s sweet, kind, considerate heart.

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