A Bon Jovi Sassy Girl’s Night Out


If you’ve been a Livin’ Sassy reader for very long,you realize that this website is like a virtual Girl’s Night Out.


Sassy Mothers of Multiples  



We laugh.

We cry.

We eat.

We  shop.

 Sassy Teachers 


And  through it all, we support one another.


Sassy Triathletes 

Every now and then, I like to give some things away to my readers because what sassy girl doesn’t like a chance to win something?


Y’all, with this give away, we have hit the mother lode!


I have two pairs of tickets to the upcoming Bon Jovi concert in San Antonio, Texas.

It is taking place on Tuesday, October 15th, 2013 at 7:30 in the evening at the AT&T Center.

I think we should try and make it a citywide holiday for those in attendance so we can have the day off.  After all, we need time to prepare ourselves for seeing Jon. Bon. Jovi.


In order to make this give away a little sassier, I plan on blogging about the whole experience with your girlfriend to share with all my readers.

Now, you better get started on what you plan on wearing! It’s only four months away!

In case you haven’t heard, the “BON JOVI Because We Can-The Tour” has been selling out across the globe. The 2013 arena tour takes live performance to a whole new level. The production stage evolves and transforms on every song.

Can you imagine seeing Jon Bon Jovi in these jeans from every possible angle?  Oh, my word.

And if you just can’t wait, they have a FREE BON JOVI APP so you can see this digital experience for yourself. Yes, there’s an APP for that!  It is a one-of-a-kind immersive experience. I know, your man may not understand but your girlfriends surely will.

In order for you to be included in the random sweepstakes drawing, you need to comment on this post. You can tell us your favorite Bon Jovi song or even your favorite hairstyle they may have been sporting over their 30-year career span. You can even tell us where you might have seen them in concert.  I am sure you will remember every single detail and have pictures to share with us from a long time ago.

We might have changed but Bon Jovi seems to stay the same, as in fabulous and dreamy.


I will be notifying the winner(s) on July 4th, 2013 by email. Don’t worry, I won’t disclose or sell any of your email addresses and there is no need to give your full name.

You can find out more information on the “BON JOVI Because We Can-The Tour” by clicking on SASSYNIGHTOUT   They have a lot more pictures like these on their website. Hint, Hint! It has ticket information, VIP Experiences Packages and complete list of tour dates.

You should really click on there and look “Because We’re Sassy Like That!”

Love Y’all.

Stay Sassy.




Courtesy Photos of Jon Bon Jovi









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  1. Angie Ritenour says:

    How exciting! One of my favorite Bon Jovi songs is Living on a Prayer because it is great to belt out while droning!

  2. Angie Ritenour says:

    Well, that should have said “driving”… I guess I’d better get out my glasses!

  3. Would be awesome to see him!!! Love love love a good concert

  4. Laura, the sassy level has reached new heights with this one. I LOVE me some Bon Jovi!! This is the kind of music you sing really loud and your kids stare at you like you’re nuts!! Oh, oh, we’re halfway there…oh, oh livin’ on a prayer…

  5. Tracey Ratcliff says:

    My fav singer! Love that he and his wife have stayed together!

  6. It’s nice to see that on top of everything else, Jon appreciates a Sassy woman! We must congratulate him on being smart enough to want work with you to show the band’s sassy side! Bon Jovi is one of those bands that always works–you can sing along at the top of your lungs and never be ashamed. My favorites go back to Runaway and Someday I’ll be Saturday Night, but Superman Tonight or It’s My Life are also great. And when I was singing to keep my baby quiet, I’d always end up singing I’ll Be There for You!

    Can’t wait to hear more as you blog your way to October!

  7. I once took my triplets to a Bon Jovi concert…I mean I had no idea I was already pregnant with them bu they were there. Now every time they hear a Bon Jovi song they seem to have some flashbacks. I found out I was pregnant the next day. I wrapped baby socks in a gift bag and gave them to my husband. I told him that I had gotten him a shirt from the concert and he was less than thrilled. He went to open his Bon Jovi concert shirt only to find baby socks letting him know he was going to be a daddy again.

  8. Carrie Bond says:

    Living on a Prayer! How exciting!

  9. Jaime Cate says:

    Bo Jovi is my absolute favorite group. Saw them last time they were here in SA. Awesome show. Drove my hubby nuts singing every word to every song… Let’s do it again! whoa were halfway there!!!”

  10. Heather says:

    Oh my goodness!!! What fun! One of my very best SASSY girlfriends saw him in Dallas!!! We used to belt out his songs as we cruised town… A small town, so we cruised A LOT!!! I love his songs, Livin’ On A Prayer, tops them, but… You Give Love A Bad Name, Wanted… Dead Or Alive, Never Say Goodbye…!!! I can go on and now I’ll be singing all day!!! Thanks for another great giveaway!!!

  11. Kristina Tomasetti says:

    Singing living on a prayer on rock band with my son and sister in law is my favorite Bon Jovi memory. And he is just so hot- how has he got hotter???

  12. Neva Wilson says:

    I LOVE me some Bon Jovi!!! I remember getting up at 6 am, I think it was for my 7th birthday (I had the Livin’ on a prayer cassette tape waiting for me for my birthday and I couldn’t have it any earlier) and I woke my parents up playing it on my old school “boom box.” Until then, I had only bought the little records (45 RPM) with only one or two songs on them. This girl can jam to some Bon Jovi! (Can I place any more references to the 1980s in there? :) )

  13. Maretta says:

    I never got to see Bon Jovi in concert…but you can be sure I dreamed of it many times.

  14. Can’t help but singing at the top of my lungs when their songs come on the radio. Takes me back to high school. Lord help the individuals sitting around me if I win the tickets!!!!

  15. I’m sorry, I didn’t pay attention after you mention seeing him live, from all angles. . .

    When I was in the 4th grade I had a cassette Walkman I would listen to ALL THE TIME. I only had like 3 tapes, but I didn’t care. One of those was Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet. On the school bus home, I guess I “forgot” I was on the bus and was BELTING OUT “Livin’ on a Prayer”. When I stopped, the WHOLE bus load of kids clapped. I was TOTALLY embarrassed. I guess I was karaoke-ing before there was karaoke-ing. 😉

  16. I’d love a chance to win! My favorite thing about the band is that they are one of the first bands I ever saw as a 12yo kid and now, that JBJ is on Rock Bank, my kids also know all the songs. My son was even caught signing the phrase “On a Steel Horse I ride” while actually riding one of those coin operated steel horses outside a grocery store. He was about… 4 I think.

  17. WOW! Where did you get these tickets? You are the best.

  18. Heather Beard says:

    My favorite song is “Always”. The most wonderful love ballad of all time !

  19. SUSAN WRIGHT says:

    Oh Goodness LAura when you came into my office today ( RE?MAX Preferred) it was great seeing you again. WHAT a thrill to possibly be able to see him. One of my fav songs is “Who says you cant come home” It is a great song. As I have been through alot with my daughter and now I am a Nana ( LOVING IT I MIGHT ADD) and I have ALWAYS told my children..you can ALWAYS COME HOME. Hoemis a safe place whetehr permanant or temporary..you CAN come home. BUT an odler song is ” Livin on a prayer” and belting that out while driving LOL Bon Jovi is one fine speciman LOL ( AND he is a very genuine person) I am so excited to be in this drawing…God forbid if this new NANA wins LOL This nan will be darn right a SASSY CAT LOL
    Thanks Laura!

  20. erin Kirwan says:

    pick me pick me! I remember rocking the cuffed pleated acid washed jeans, Forenza baggie sweater with a collar up, feathered hair sprayed to the max with Aqua Net … singing Bon Jovi songs at the 8th grade dance … while watching my cute crush, Andy, hoping he’d ask me to dance on the next slow song …. Never Say Goodbye!

  21. Jonnie Wheeler says:

    I Can’t wait to see Bon Jovi! Whoop-whoop

  22. I’d like a chance to win :) I love Bon Jovi and all his music- all day every day 😀

  23. Marli Atkinson says:

    Bon Jovi is classic & timeless!!!! There’s not one song I don’t like!! Never got a chance to see them in concert in the 80s, but I would imagine they are still just as awesome 25+ yrs later. What an ideal “sassy” night for girlfriends!!!! You rock Laura :)

  24. Colby M. Bongiovi-Burns says:

    Don’t disqualify me because I am a distant 65th cousin…..in-law.
    I have to just say when I put that shirtless poster of Jon on my wall in 8th grade….I thought my Dad was going to divorce my mom. But happy ending – I took it down and put it up in the closet. One time I rewound my Slippery When Wet so fast one time, the spool released the tape 5 inches clear out of the cassette. I didn’t panic – I had a trusty #2 pencil which fit nicely in the circular grooves and delicately rewound it back and saved the day (for myself). I was hooked at Runaway…….been a fan since!! : )

  25. Mirta Hernandez says:

    Living on a prayer is one of my favorite songs. I like it because it’s about two young kids struggling and they feel they will make it thru anything. It gives me reasurrance that you can over come anything. :-)

  26. This would be a great concert to attend! Hoping to win!

  27. Favorite song You Give Love a Bad Name. Sounds like a great night out.

  28. I don’t live in SA but I’m still Sassy and just love this blog. As for JBJ, well the name says it all. The mere utterance of it throws me back into a time of the biggest crush since David Cassidy. I have many favorite songs but I think by far It’s My Life is my favorite, but then there’s Livin on a Prayer, Miracle, Thank You For Loving Me!!! Ok imam hush now. Laura, thank you for your spirit and sense of humor. Love ya girl!!

  29. Karen Meyer says:

    Pick me! Pick me!!!! :)

  30. I LOVE Bon Jovi!!!! I tell everyone that since I couldn’t marry Jon, I got the next best thing. My husband just rolls his Jersey eyes at me!! I can’t pick just one song, cause I love’em all. My husband even brought me dinner when I was sitting out in the car listening to the interview with Jon on XM. This Kansas girl got her Jersey boy, but would love to see Bon Jovi with him!!

  31. Gloria Hamilton says:

    I have never had a chance to attend a Bon Jovi concert but it would be a fun date night with my husband. One of my favorites songs is “You Want to Make a Memory” for it’s sweet, soft melody.

  32. Annette Medina says:

    Thanks for sharing. It’s My Life.

  33. How could I not sign up for this!!? I remember summer nights in middle school, sitting in the driveway with the neighbors and a big black boom box, blasting Bon Jovi and all of us singing at the top of our lungs! Fab song has to be You Give Love a Bad Name!!

  34. Super fun!! Your blog is so awesome!

  35. Barbara Mohs says:

    This entry is for Carter Mohs who loves “You Give Love a Bad Name.” :)

  36. Livin’ on a Prayer for sure! One of the all time best! Used to listen to the cd and scream the lyrics in my yellow Geo Storm on the way back to Texas Tech on school holidays!

  37. Claudia Clark says:

    I took my teenage daughter to every Bon Jovi concert from Shreveport to Dallas. Her room was decorated from wall to ceiling to floor with posters of Jon Bon Jovi. This was at least 20 years ago. Lol I still love their music! :-)

  38. Been Livin on a Prayer for over 25 years! Love them!

  39. Heather says:

    I think I’m entered… But just in case… I LOVE Bon Jovi!!!! Livin’ On A Prayer!!!!

  40. Heather Brown says:

    I have NEVER seem Bon Jovi in concert and I have NEVER been to New Jersey, but I do know that slippery when wet ain’t talking about freshly mopped floors :)

  41. Pamela Gordon says:

    Bon Jovi is still sexy after all these years! Can you imagine I saw them first in Shreveport, La and they were opening for Ratt?!! Wow!!
    My favorite song is Wanted Dead or Alive, but all the songs are great!! They have never lost their touch over the years!
    Their hair cuts have looked so sexy!! They have kept up with the times! But being a 80’s girl, all that long hair drove me crazy!! I still love it!! Lol

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