The Sassiest Restaurant Bathrooms in San Antonio


Am I the only one that has noticed a trend in local San Antonio restaurants having sassy bathroom décor?

Well, if you haven’t been paying much attention, let me be the one to enlighten you!

You have to admit that the ladies bathroom does make you get a sense of a restaurant’s overall experience. I am sure there are tons of focus groups and high dollar designers that are paid that consult new restaurants in how to decorate the restroom facilities.

Since I am the self-appointed expert on all things sassy, I tend to store this otherwise useless information in my mind.

And I will give that information out for free! You know you’ve been wondering!

Now, although I do eat out more than the average person, I am sure there are a lot of places that I might have missed. These top 3 stood out on my totally unscientific list of the places around town that make you feel like you might be on the set of HGTV!

First on my list is Perico’s in Huebner Oaks. It is first because I only have one picture of it. It is the place that gave me the idea to blog about the sassiest restrooms in SA.When you first walk in you think you are in a spa!

I was curious to see how they would change over the décor from the old sports bar that was in this location to a Mexican restaurant on my first visit awhile back.

Let me tell you, it is swanky! And the food is good too!

I think they are pretty brave to have rocks in the sink but it pulls the whole look together.  I wonder if they have to replace the rocks very much. It seems like kids might want to take one as a souvenir or throw them at their sibling. But, I don’t know anything about that at all.

I took this picture with my friend Stella’s phone this weekend. We had a girl’s night out with six moms from our neighborhood. I kept telling them they needed to check out the bathroom. They understand how I want to share my sassy findings, they are used to it.

They were all in agreement that this is one sassy bathroom!


Next up is Z Tejas Grill in the Shops at La Cantera.

I was so excited when this restaurant finally opened up in San Antonio a few years ago.

I used to eat at the one in Austin a lot for business and couldn’t wait to have access to their salads and cornbread right here in SA.

Here is a close up of one of their sinks. The mirror is made of wood and the paint is stripped for a “kind of shabby chic” look.

There are a lot of other different earthy textures that are blended together to complete the decor.

How was that for worst attempt at sounding like a interior designer?





When I went there the very first time, I was so excited about the floors in their bathroom that I took a picture to show a friend. She was about to redo her floors in her house. I thought these would fit her perfectly. Yes, I get excited about new things.

They kind of look like tile but the color and texture adds so much to the overall feel of the space.

Plus, it hides dirt so you won’t have to mop as much if you put this in your bathroom at home!

The mirror looks like one you would buy for your house too!






And don’t you just love the door?









I was trying to get a picture of the light fixture but you mostly see the fancy trash can.

It is hard to get a good picture when you are hurrying up so someone won’t walk in while you are trying to sneak a picture of the  sassy bathroom.

People might think you are a little crazy.







I saved the sassiest for last.

This is the bathroom at Green at Alon Market.

I love this restaurant and was so glad when another one opened closer to my house.

I guess I assumed that a vegetarian place might have a minimalist type of ladies room.

Boy was I wrong!






Feast your eyes on all this gaudy goodness!

Please forgive me again for the quality of these pictures.

I took them with my iPad because it would be just weird to take my fancy camera in the restroom!

They even have a decorative floor mat.








Don’t you just love these walls?










Here’s a close up. You can never say that I’m not thorough!

Metal walls with tile accents make me happy.

It reminds me of my friend Jan’s house.

She would so have a wall like this.

I might one of these days but I have 3 sticky kids so I don’t see it happening anytime soon!

I can always go eat at Green and visit it and day dream about fancy metal walls. And eat great food.




Not to leave the men out of the sassiest bathroom post, I shall give this place an honorable mention on our sassy list.

My family took me to Kirby’s  for Mother’s Day brunch. The teenage boy came running out of the restroom with the biggest grin on his face. He asked for the hubby’s phone because he wanted to share the greatest thing he had ever witnessed.

ESPN was on the TV while he was using the facilities. He was sure he had died and gone to heaven.

Sassy bathroom heaven, San Antonio Style!

Stay Sassy Y’all.










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  1. I have got to be honest. Ive been in a lot of public bathrooms. Kids always have to go the second you get somewhere! But none of them have even been this cool. Im going to be on the look out now! LOL And the mens room is well, such a mens room!

    • I think it’s every man’s dream! Glad you liked them. Maybe I will compile another list over the next year! Sassy has no boundaries!!

  2. What a fun list! Haha, I’ve had times when I’ll come out of a public restroom and tell my family that they have to check it out.

    By the way, Cheesecake Factory at La Cantera has the coolest bathroom doors. They’re HUGE (ceiling to floor) and a I can’t remember the color, but they were super modern looking. My 2 year old say “Wooooowwwww” when he saw them. Haha…

    • It doesn’t take much for 2 yr olds! I grew up in a small town so I still am in amazement of fancy things! I feel like Ellie May Clampett most of the time!

  3. Love it. The women’s restroom at our church would fit in with these. It even has diamond shaped stones in the sink.

  4. Have you seen the bathrooms at the new Whole Foods at Vineyard shopping center ? I was searching hoping to find a photo of the ladies room online and found your blog.. A friend, (a guy) sent me 3 photos of the men’s room. They used our patchwork tile on the walls. It looks awesome. They selectively chose tiles in certain color ranges and didn’t use the whole mix in the men’s. So I am wondering how the ladies room looks and if they used different tiles. Someone PLEASE email us a shot or two of the tile in the ladies room. We’ll reward you w/ French chocolates !! Thanks,

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