Say it Ain’t So Ashley


 Today, I had every intention of going out and blogging about chocolate. I had my camera all ready to go out and take pictures of deep, rich, creamy chocolate for a Valentine’s Day post. I have this new obsession with taking pictures of food. And I know my days are numbered when I can leisurely find a place and then blog about it all in one day. Sigh.

I had a long list of appointments to make this morning to get better organized in anticipation of having a real job. Since I have been using a different part my brain, the creative one and not the financial one, I find myself more scattered and not as structured. And maybe I spend too much time trying to keep up with the 501 different forms of social media that you are supposed to when you are a blogger. Facebook, Twiiter, Sulia, Instagram and now something called the Vine.

Please make it stop.

When I finally got done with all the phone calls, I had to eat lunch. I was starving. I have been craving Frito pie lately. I have no idea why. For some reason, it has been the kind that I would eat growing up in the concession stand at the ballpark. They would cut the side of the bag of Fritos and put the chili and cheese and onions right in there in the same bag. I think it made it taste better! I have had that kind of Frito chili pie in my mind for weeks.

Well, since Frito pie is really fattening and unhealthy, I opted to comprise and bought some organic vegetarian chili at Trader Joe’s, which I am obsessed with now too. My husband offered to go to TJ’s  on Monday since it is located near his work. I actually told him, “Please don’t take that joy away from me!” I do need a real job, don’t I?

Now, I used to be a big fan of Wolf Brand Chili. I thought it was gourmet food. But now that I know better and can read ingredients, I stopped eating it awhile back. I have been on the hunt to find something to replace my chili craving without all the calories. I think I have tried every single brand out there. Most of the vegetarian brands have a serious after taste, in other words they are awful.

On Monday, I found the Trader Joe’s brand on their shelf. It hadn’t been there before on my many visits. You will find that a lot of the popular items don’t last long. I was told by one of the perky check out people that you can call them and they will put something on hold for you. I can just picture myself whispering behind the building trying to score a can of organic vegetarian chili.

Well let me tell you that the chili I had at 11 am this morning was the best can of chili ever and this is including homemade chili and all those chili cooks offs that I used to go to for work. I didn’t even mind that I had no Fritos or cheese or onions to go in it.

I was just smiling and leisurely enjoying every single bite of my chili. That is until I decided to catch up on the news on my computer and read the headline, “Ashley Judd to Divorce.” I have no idea why it was so upsetting to me. Could it be because I have been blogging about these wonderfully, happy marriages lately? Or that she is my age. OK, she’s a little younger.  All of sudden, I wasn’t in the mood to go take pictures of chocolate.

So I guess you had to suffer through this wild ride of the highs and lows in my day instead of seeing sexy pictures of chocolate. Poor things.

Tomorrow is another day.

Hopefully filled with chocolate and no new celebrity couple divorce announcements.

And I do want to wish my sweet big brother John a very Happy 50th Birthday today.

You make us all smile. And that is every single person in our hometown.

My brother knows everyone and remembers every little thing about them!

He should run for mayor.

Love you John Boy.


John and me circa 1989 or somewhere around there!


Stay Sassy Y’all.


Photo credit for Ashley Judd’s picture Fan Pop

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  1. Jaime Cate says:

    Fabulous and sassy as always Laura! Love reading your blog. Hugs Jaime

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