Our White Christmas in Kilgore


We drove to Kilgore after spending Christmas Eve in Dallas. The candlelight service we attended with Nana was magical. This year, more than any Christmas before, we wanted to be with family.

And the magic wouldn’t end in that historic cathedral amid the candles and singing of Silent Night.

Although the weather forecast had predicted snow, we weren’t anticipating it on this Christmas Day.  Snow in East Texas is pretty rare and even more so on Christmas.

Late in the afternoon, snow flakes starting falling from the sky. We all ran outside to see for ourselves. We all stood there is disbelief.  It seemed like a dream.

The flakes would get bigger and bigger. The snow kept falling for hours into the darkness.

We woke up to see snow covering everything.








And we soaked up the magic.







We knew it wouldn’t last very long.







It would melt as soon as the temperatures rose.







There is stillness in a snowfall.




























We took the kids over to my mom’s house to sled down the big hill. My eight brothers and sisters would slide down the hill when it snowed when we were growing up in that same house. It didn’t snow very often, so we used cardboard boxes instead of sleds. On this day, we tried to do the same thing. It worked once. There wasn’t enough snow for sliding but there was enough for snowballs!  We didn’t last much longer because it was still below freezing. We aren’t exactly used to such frigid  weather.

We decided to head downtown for some hot chocolate.

And I am so glad that I had my camera with me.









My hometown is beautiful but  even more so during the holidays.










We took our hot chocolate upstairs to the 2nd floor of the coffee shop.

I was able to take some pictures from a view that I wasn’t expecting.










We told stories to the kids about the various buildings that were newly dusted with snow.

I can still hear the sound of my shoes walking on that wood floor of Longhorn Drug that was housed in the bottom of this building.  You had to go to the very back to make your purchase, when “charge it” meant sending the bill to you in the mail.

They listened intently.




I love how great care has been taken to preserve the buildings.










Some of them are more spectacular than they ever were before.







And the street scene is just as beautiful for window shopping







Or a stroll around the square.










A white Christmas is pretty rare in my hometown.

But the sense of belonging to some place extra special is in abundance.






Stay Sassy Y’all.

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  1. Love this blog! I LOVE all the snow pictures! I regret not running downtown to take some pictures in the snow so I was so happy to see these! I’m so glad you got to be in Kilgore with your family for Christmas Day! This started out my New Year’s Eve day great!

    • It was so beautiful Karla! So glad to share the pictures. I got a new camera lense from Santa so I had to check it out. We didn’t go anywhere and just hunkered down at my sister’s house! Happy New Year Karla!

  2. Angie Ritenour says:

    I love your snow pictures and am glad your Christmas was white! Thank you for posting the pictures of snowy Kilgore! Happy New Year to you and your family! XOXOXO

  3. Thanks for a touching blog and pictures Laura.I love going back to Kilgore now and seeing the downtown area. I guess with maturity I have learned to treasure the town we grew up in. I certainly see it with a new admiration than I did as a teen. I hope you and your family have a great new year.

    • So glad you enjoyed it! I am especially sentimental now with Mom and Dad gone. I love living in a big city but there is just no place like home! Happy New Year old friend!

  4. Ann Burns Cagle says:

    So enjoyed seeing your snow pictures, and the lovely descriptions. Brings back many memories of my home town. Don’ t get down there to visit much anymore, but when I do, I take advantage and visit all of the places that I remember. Thanks for the walk down memory lane! :-)

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