It’s all in the Christmas Card


This year, I started pretty early to book our photographer for our annual Christmas card picture. It was a lot easier since I have become familiar with more photographers since launching the blog. I have so much respect for all photographers. It is a hard job working with families and mothers who want the perfect poses with their sometimes uncooperative children.

We have  taken family pictures every single year since our son was born. He is about 14 months old in this picture and in this year’s pictures, he’s fourteen!

It is my absolute favorite Christmas card picture, ever.








Or maybe this one because he is holding baby Jesus. It just makes me tear up every single time I look at it.






We went back the next year when he was 2 and he was going to be a shepherd  since he was much bigger, but he wasn’t having it or sitting still long enough for the photographer to get the shot.

The only thing I have on my Christmas list every year is a new family picture. Although, it has become more and more complicated since we are now are a family of five, we keep attempting it. Some years, with more success than others.

Did I mention that they all absolutely hate getting their pictures taken? It seems to start with one of them and then trickles down like the plague!

There has been only one case in which I had a hard time picking out which picture to use.

It was a few years ago and we met the photographer at 8am at Landa Library.  I promised the kids waffles at the Guenther House when we were done. Those kids were all smiles and laughs. It took all of 30 minutes!








And you wonder why ladies love to do brunch?

Shout to the heavens, we have waffles waiting!






Well, that was not the case this year.

We met the lovely Bea Simmons in St. Paul’s Square in downtown San Antonio. I told her that I had taken some pictures for a blog post in that area and there was just something about it that made me want to come back for family shots. She asked me if we needed Santa hats or other props for the kids. I replied, “We aren’t a prop family!” What does that even mean?

I made my kids get all gussied up on their first day off from Thanksgiving break. It was hot and humid and we were all in long sleeves and various forms of church clothes and what not. The hubby was in a suit because he met us between meetings at work.

But it was all worth it.

This is probably the best picture of the twins, one of them wouldn’t sit still.

Oh my, I love a church door.









And the boy is now a young man.

He is making me all teary eyed again.










And again.










He won’t fit in a crib anymore holding baby Jesus’ head.

It’s the best Christmas present of all; pictures of family.

Posing for pictures because his mom asked him to….








And the photographer capturing the perfect shot even though someone was pouting.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours….. in a year of great loss, three things will last forever; faith, hope, and love and the greatest of these is love.

1 Corinthians 13:13.

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  1. Great pictures Laura! The angel pictures are so sweet! I absolutely LOVE the one of the girls by the church door!

    • Thank you Michelle. Those angels pics are my favorite-I thought having one child was hard back then!! Merry Christmas to you!!

  2. Angie Ritenour says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Laura! I love the pictures and know you are sad about your sweet baby boy growing up too fast!

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