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The school called at 8:30 am right as I was running around the house cleaning so it could be clean with the cleaning service got here at 9am. I have no idea why I feel the need to clean the entire house twice a month right before someone gets here to clean the house. I think it’s just in a woman’s DNA. You can’t go around letting people think you really live like that.  Anyway, the nurse said my daughter had just thrown up in class. Poor thing, she must have gotten that stomach virus that has been going around. So I ran up to school to get her all the while thinking about all the things that couldn’t get done because I had a sick baby girl at home. It’s called motherhood. You adjust and make do.

Well, the most important thing on my list was making sure that our teacher gifts where all bought and wrapped for the school Christmas parties tomorrow. I have gotten in to the habit of buying the kid’s teachers something a little personal and then a Target gift card. There is not a teacher I know that doesn’t love Tarjee .

After getting my girl all settled in and sleeping, I dug through my supply of gifts that I had already bought to make sure that every teacher had a gift. I was trying my best to avoid a late night run to Walgreen’s to see what kind of last minute gift I could scrape together. Nothing says Merry Christmas to your teacher like a Duck Dynasty chia pet!

Well, I totally forgot about the gifts I bought at the Garage of Good sale a few weeks ago. They were necklaces that had different travel destinations on them. I just thought they were so unique. When I finally opened them up, I couldn’t believe how much care and detail went into the packaging. I only paid $10 for each for them but they look so much more expensive when you open them up.

Here is what it looks like in the package.

The necklaces I bought had images of London and Paris on them.








To tell you the truth, the fact that they came with a gift tag and bag was the deciding factor in our purchase.

I used to love wrapping gifts, but I don’t have much time anymore.

The tag has red stones all the way around it. Who knew tags could be so pretty!

She even wrapped the ribbon to tie the package and put holes in them too.

Did I mention this was only $10?


Trust me, it looks so much more expensive.

The package is even worth taking a picture of…..









And look at the back!

There’s even pretty tape!

Now, I’m not crafty but I appreciate someone who has skills.

And this lady does and I wanted to share my find with you!

I picked up her card when I was at her booth. I don’t really know much about her business except what is on her card.

Her Etsy shop has 100 percent satisfaction with 834 items sold!

Hopefully, she’ll come back out to the next Garage of Good sale. I plan on stocking up on her unique gift items.

Thank you Collectedmess Designs owner lady!

You do great work!

Here is her Etsy shop Collectedmess 

Stay Sassy Y’all and be sure and wash your hands because the stomach virus is going around!




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  1. Is there really a Duck Dynasty Chia Pet? If so, where can I get it?

    • Why yes there is!! Saw it with my own eyes! I think it was at CVS or Walgreen’s are one of those stores that is on every corner and you wonder why!! Merry Christmas Julie!

  2. I always give a Target gift card with a small gift!! Who doesn’t love Target!! I’ll check out the etsy link, yay!

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