The Food Network in Downtown Kilgore


Did y’all hear that the Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible will be filming in my hometown of Kilgore this week?

The town of 12,000 is all abuzz! There hasn’t been this must excitement since…..well, I don’t know when there has been this much excitement!

Hair appointments are being made and everyone is getting all gussied up for their possible appearance on national TV!







I thought I would post some pictures of the things that the big city folks will be seeing while they are working on redoing the restaurant

This is a picture back in the spring of my friends Chantal and Tracy enjoying lunch at Nanny Goats. I have eaten there a lot of times while I was visiting. I was surprised to learn that they were a candidate to appear on that show. It always seemed so busy and the food is delicious. I love their chicken salad sandwich! I hope they don’t change it.

It will be interesting to see how Robert Irvine will improve it. I guess we will just have to wait and see.



I am sure the crew won’t have much time to hang out at the coffee shop so here is a couple of my friends to show them what they are missing!

It’s cool and hip inside and has WIFI of course!

All the ladies you see in these pictures are my high school friends.

A big part of Livin’ Sassy is gathering my friends together so they can pretend to be models.






Sometimes, I have to twist their arm a little bit but they always have a good ‘ol time!








In case they do get some breaks during their filming, there is plenty of shopping just a few doors down at Two O Five.

They have some of the most beautiful home decorating items.









It’s so fancy that you would swear you were in Shreveport or even Dallas!










From big pieces of furniture










to scented candles.

You will find wonderful and unique items.

The owners Harry and Justin have the best taste.

And this store is proof of it; just lovely.







I am sure that most people have never have seen a skyline filled with oil derricks.

Nanny Goats is located right behind  where my friend Sally is posing.

Her dad was my science teacher and I had her mom for accounting. They were the most wonderful teachers.

I just love small towns. You know everybody!







Here is Terri with a view of the historic Crim Theater. It has recently been reopened with a haunted house as a fundraiser to raise money for it to eventually reopen for good one day. It’s Art Deco architecture and vibrant lighting makes it one of the most photographed buildings in town.









Can you believe this view?

They are replicas of the oil derricks from the 1930’s.

Kilgore is still a town that is closely tied to oil production.





There are a lot of clothing stores too.

The Lucky Cowgirl is just one of the places to shop for you and your sassy friends.








If you need a little treat, you can stop by for some yogurt at Downtown Delights.

They also make the best soups and breads.

Maybe they’ll give me their baked potato soup recipe to share with my readers.

It is over the top delicious.







Now, I’m not sure that the Kilgore Historical Preservation Foundation approves of this picture, but we couldn’t help ourselves.

You will find 24 of these small oil derricks in the World’s Richest Acre. They are all side by side just like they were in the full acre back in the oil boom days.

Now, 12 of these full size non-working oil derricks are maintained by the Kilgore Improvement and Beautification Association.

You will also find one working oil pump jack. It is quite the tourist attraction. It is right across from the railroad depot.





If you are hungry from all that shopping and sight seeing, you can eat at Napoli’s just across the street.

They serve authentic Italian food. You can bring in your own bottle of wine and no cork fee.

Be warned that the bread is addictive.




This is the Texan Theatre built in the 1930’s. It had one screen and seating for over 900.

It is no longer in operation but the outside facade is lit at night.

I wish I knew how many movies I saw growing up in this building.

There has been talk about reopening it as a music venue.

I am just so glad that it has been redone after so many years in disrepair.

What a treasure.





I hope you enjoyed some scenes from downtown Kilgore.

I have a feeling that all the visitors in town this week will enjoy the stores,restaurants and the uniqueness of the skyline.

But I know that it will be the people that they will remember the most.




Y’all need to come back during the Christmas season.

The skyline is even prettier!


There’s no place like home.





Stay Sassy Y’all.










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    very good its changed alot in only the lAast 7 years sinse i moved to the woodlands

    • It has changed a ton! I remember in the 90’s when I would come home, it looked like a ghost town! They have done a great job!

  2. Jane Lane says:

    You better believe we are excited, but even more excited about our yearly holiday cruise that this year is around Nov. 27 or so. Stores downtown open their doors with lots of free samples and liquid refreshments. It is so much fun to visit your neighbors.

  3. Melissa Stewart says:

    I really enjoyed reading this one. You did goooooood, Laura.

  4. Great pictures. My family plans on stopping the next time we are on our way to Shreveport from Dallas.

  5. Sally Curbo says:

    Your work is incredible Laura.

  6. cheryl manker says:

    Fantastic! Your writing is wonderful. I always feel as if I am right there!

    How exciting for our hometown!

  7. Angie Ritenour says:

    I love seeing photos of my hometown and of my sassy friends! I can’t imagine Nanny Goats needing any improvements. The food there is scrumptious!


  8. I love seeing all the wonderful photo’s of my hometown !! Thank you so much for including me in this wonderful experience??

  9. Mandy Duran-Cobb says:

    They really have done an amazing job restoring the downtown area. I am going to make sure I go during the Christmas season from Alicia to see how pretty it is and get a little taste of what it looked like when we were growing up. Even though Mom lived in Kilgore until she passed she spent most of her time in Tyler at our house. We were at her house for Christmas when Alicia was little but then it got too much for her and we started having it in Frisco at my neices. So Alicia was really too small to remember what it looked like at Christmas. Glad that Kilgore might be getting some tv recognition. MIght help boost visitor interest. :)

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