A General Store to Remember


If you have been a Livin’ Sassy reader for very long, then you know how much I love to bring you places and events that are slightly off the beaten path. Family time doesn’t always have to involve the megamall or theme park.

We have lived in San Antonio for almost fourteen years and I thought that I knew about most of the places to take your kids for fun. I recently took my family to a place that has been around town for a very long time. I just wish I had known about it when my son was a baby.




My neighbor Stella had been telling me about taking her kids to the SAS General Store for quite awhile.

Do y’all remember her?

She is a teacher that lets me know when there are typos in my posts!  We also walk our dogs together pretty often. Her son is also one of the sweetest boys. He had been saving his allowance in hopes of taking his friends for a treat to the SAS General Store.  You can buy popcorn for 10 cents and a coke for 5 cents.  They finally went a few weeks ago and took one of my kids along. She has been talking about going back ever since.  We loaded up the car on Saturday afternoon for a little adventure so everyone could experience it.



The SAS General Store is located in front of the SAS Factory where they make leather custom shoes. My Mom thinks they are the best shoes ever invented. The company started making custom shoes in 1976 and the factory quickly grew in size. They added a general store in the front of the factory to enhance customer interaction. They would soon add antique cars as well and many other nostalgic items that would remind you of a time gone by, when shoes were custom made in the U.S.


In 1998, a welder’s spark would burn the entire factory to the ground. It would quickly be rebuilt and the general store would be housed separately from the factory and increase in size. The only items that would remain from the original building were the antique cars which can be seen all around the grounds today.




As you drive up, you can’t help but be amazed at its size and novelty.

Did we  take a step back in time?


The store is located near downtown San Antonio but seems like you are in a time capsule!






The twins were immediately drawn to the cars.

This one is located inside the store.


A 1937 Studebaker







Driving Miss Daisy in her swim shoes?

My girl loves these shoes and I fear what will happen when she finally grows out of them.


They do offer kids shoes and sell them at this store. They go up to a size 10.







This doesn’t look like our steering wheel!

The staff encourages you take pictures with the antique cars and even lets you inside of them if only for a brief snapshot.









There is a candy store located near the education center.

Group tours and field trips are very welcome.

My city girls thought it was a cow.








We shopped in the general store.

It has toys and games that I used to play with as a child.

Marbles, jacks, pick up sticks and so much more.

The prices are very reasonable too.




I think she was born to be wild!


This motorcycle is located in the ice cream store.

I forgot to take a picture of it because we were busy eating ice cream!

You can choose between two flavors and a few toppings, either on a cone or in a cup for $1.50.






When we made our purchases, the girls were given lollipops because they hadn’t eaten quite enough sugar with their ice cream!

They ate them outside while we looked around some more

There’s just so much to see in one visit.








Especially when you need to allow some time to rock in a chair on the porch.










Or just stand in front of it while you listen to your Mom tell you stories about going to her Grandpa’s house.


The entire place reminds of visiting my Grandpa on his cotton farm in Talty, Texas.

It had a general store just like this one but only much smaller.







It even had a door that looked like this one.


We had such a good time and the staff couldn’t have been nicer or more informative.

You could tell that they were proud to be part of this unique place.

We will definitely be back to visit again real soon.


For more information about the SAS General Store visit. SAS .

Stay Sassy Y’all. 


















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  1. cool another place i’d like to take the boys.. thanks for sharing:0)

  2. Oh my goodness, that does bring back such glorious memories of the grocery in Talty. Let me go with you all sometime?

    • You would love it! We didn’t even make it to the back part where they have roasted peanuts you where you can throw the shells on the floor!

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