The Long and Winding Road


Back roads in Kilgore,TXI took a trip down the “Long and Winding Road” near my hometown in East Texas this past weekend. I haven’t been down this road in a very long time. It is about 3 miles long and full of twists and curves. Not only is it scenic but is also somewhat secluded as well.


The Long and Winding Road Kilgore,TXI don’t know the history of who might have given this little road the unofficial name after the famous Beatles song. I only remember that when I was a teenager, everyone who had ever been on it knew exactly what road you were referring to without ever having to give directions to meet them there. You simply had to say, “Meet me on the Long and Winding Road.”  It was and still is a popular place for teenagers to hang out with their friends.










The Long and Winding Road Kilgore,TXMy first trip down this road was with my older sister Liz and her friend Lori and my little sister Lynn. I remember the exact day because as we were driving with the windows rolled down and the wind blowing in our hair, a special announcement came over the AM radio. The announcer simply said, “Elvis is dead.” What once seemed like such a care free summer day of finally being considered mature enough to ride around with our big sister, soon turned into a day that our whole world seemed to stand eerily still.










photo (9)We continued to drive along this road and many other back roads that day in disbelief of hearing about the passing of such an iconic music legend; a life that we all knew despite our youth, to be taken way too soon.














Back roads in Kilgore,TXAs I drove down the same road this past Saturday, I couldn’t help but notice all the names that had been scribbled along the pavement.  Most of the writing was in big bold letters and bright spray paint and went from the starting point of this beautiful drive to almost the very end of the road. It seems that these pathways have become something very different to this new generation from the time when I was growing up. We never felt the need to record our trip down this road in writing for other people to discover.  Teenagers today seem to want everyone to know that they were here.


The Back Roads of Kilgore,TX










This long and winding road reminds me of simpler times; countless care- free days spent with my lifelong friends talking about our hopes and dreams of what we were wishing to accomplish one day. We wanted to be away from the watchful eyes of our parents who pretty much knew every move we made while growing up in a small town. Some of my fondest memories are of these very friendships that were only deepened by our conversations along this and so many other back roads.


The Long and Winding Road Kilgore,TX








On my trip home the other day, I felt so nostalgic as I was showing my children the road that I had often told them about. I was yearning for those long ago summer days of innocence. I was overcome with emotion of knowing that the first person who had taken me on my first trip down this road so many years ago was no longer with us. My sister was taken from us way too soon, just like the famous singer.





I wanted to tell every single person that had written their names along this road to slow down and enjoy their ride. Life is full of twists and turns just like this road that we all love so much. I want them to treasure every single minute and not wish to grow up so soon.

One of these days, they will look back and realize that even though their life might not end up at all like the way they had envisioned, it is still worth living and celebrating. This would only be the first of many roads that they will eventually have to decide to take to help determine their fate.

The Long and Winding Road Kilgore,TX

















For me, I will always want to take the long and winding road. Not only am I aware of its numerous twists and turns but it holds so many precious memories of where I have been and the knowledge of where I will ultimately be going.

The Long and Winding Road Kilgore,TX











We miss you Liz.

We sure did enjoy the ride.




Stay Sassy Y’all.

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  1. Jane Lane says:

    Such a lovely ride. I know that Liz was right there with you.

  2. Mandy Duran-Cobb says:

    ok so now that I have tears in my eyes just reading your post and looking at the pictures takes me back to that same place and time you are talking about. I know that LIz was riding right along with you every single minute and she was so pleased that you were sharing this fond memory with your children. Love you Laura!!!

  3. Melissa Stewart says:

    Very touching Laura. I loved it.

  4. cheryl manker says:

    Wow. I just took a little trip myself! We had so many fun times on that stretch of road. Joy and I drove it the day of our Kilgore photo shoot. The tree that we gathered under is no longer there, but our memories will always be with us. Thanks for bringing back some fond rememberances. I have a tear in my eye, too.

  5. Angie Ritenour says:

    Thank you for sharing this story Laura! We certainly did have good times on Long and “Windy” and it is sad to see all of the graffiti there now.

  6. Teresa Moreland Thorne says:


    Thank you so much for taking us all back on this journey and refreshing so many happy and wonderful memories of Long an Winding! It wasn’t only a place to go with friends but a place of solitude to gather your thoughts and emotions of life in general. It will always be historical for all of us Kilgorites!! This was perfect!

  7. Angie Reed says:

    Laura, this is a beautiful, touching piece….thank you for continuing to share Liz with us through this medium… doing so you keep her alive not only in YOUR heart and the hearts of those who knew her, but brings her to life for those who didn’t ever have the pleasure. Keep writing, my friend….you have a God-given gift and I, for one will always be a captive audience. . Love you!

  8. I love the long and winding roads!! It’s a shame that EVERYONE won’t be able to experience it!! <3

  9. Ann Burns Cagle says:

    After reading your very touching story of the long and winding road…….I am sad that I never knew about it. I grew up in Kilgore and thought I knew just about every mile of it, but do not recall this road. Or maybe I did and have just buried the memory. I hope that’s not the case. :-) I will have to ask my husband if he remembers it. And maybe take a little trip to look it up one day soon.

  10. Randall Moreland says:

    Gooodness and Woohoo! Such a wonderful trot down memory lane! If that road could only talk…….friendships were forged (and damned), problems alleviated (and created), first kisses given (and later regretted), secrets shared (and divulged), wisdom given (and ignored), good times had (and taken for granted) and last, but not least, generation gaps have been filled by the common love for that short stretch of heaven. Thank you so much for such a beautifully written piece. If we only knew how many lives have been touched by “That Long and Winding Road”!

  11. Can someone please post the address for this road?

  12. could you please tell me how to get to the long and winding road says:

    Could u please tell me how to get there

  13. I just read this post and I too would like to know the directions to this road. Thank you.

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