The Original Donut Shop


Today was our first summertime visit to the Original Donut Shop. Years ago, we first discovered this iconic place when we wondered why so many cars were lined up for tacos at a donut spot. It was intriguing to say the least, so we pulled in their parking lot to discover it for ourselves. We quickly learned what the long lines were all about!

It is now our family tradition to go the restaurant in the summer. It is located about 7 miles from our house; which is probably a good thing because we would eat there more often. We choose to take our out of town visitors there so we can be as giddy as they are when they are experiencing their food for the very first time.

We loaded up the car after swim practice to give my mother-in-law her first taste of this unique place. We ordered a variety of donuts and tacos for our late breakfast. I think it came to a total of $25 for all 5 of us which included bottled waters and a coffee.


Here is the popular bean and cheese taco. The tortillas are made right before your eyes and then it is toasted on the grill for an added crunch. The salsas served with the tacos are perfect. The green one has some heat to it. I am sure you will try it so, you are forewarned.

I took no other pictures of the food. The donuts were all gone before I sat down with our taco order. You have to order donuts from one side of the restaurant and tacos from the other. My children seized their donut moment!

We ordered the plain glazed donuts.They said they were good. They looked good but I only I saw them for a split second!

Does this smile say the 13 year old enjoyed his food? He loved his potato and egg and egg and bacon tacos.

My boy never lets me take his picture and certainly never smiles for the camera.

The Original Donut Shop makes my boy smile.

He just can’t help himself!






We then headed over to Woodlawn Lake which is located near the donut place. We needed a little exercise to work off our food. I wanted to show Nana how pretty the area is around the lake. You tend to naturally be a tour guide when you live in such a wonderful city like San Antonio!

We didn’t find very many ducks but we did find this new playground. At least it is new to us since the last time we were down here. It is on the side of the park with the island where you can fish off of the pier and close to the basketball courts.


Here is the view of the lake from the playground.

The twins had so much fun that they wouldn’t stop long enough for me to take their picture.

We will definitely do this again, maybe we will get the food to go.

I just wonder if we go through the donut or taco lane?

Great food and a beautiful park……Happy Summer Ya’ll.


The Original Donut Shop is located at 3307 Fredericksburg Rd. San Antonio,Tx 78201. The phone number is 210-734-5661. They only take CASH! No debit or credit cards.

Woodlawn Lake Park (the part we visited) is located at 101 S. Josephine Tobin Dr.  San Antonio,Tx 78201. 





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  1. Jane Lane says:

    Sounds absolutely delicious!! Your son has good taste.

    • He had already asked if we can go back tomorrow! He said those ladies sure can cook! He might smile for a pic yet again!

  2. Mandy Duran-Cobb says:

    I agree it does sound delicious. Wish I lived closer to San Antonio. :)

  3. Another great blog! I live in the Woodlawn Lake area. They’ve been adding all kinds of new installations there recently. There is a walking/jogging track that encompasses the entire lake. I know The Original Donut Shop very well! You don’t want to be on that part of Fredricksburg in the mornings!

    • It looks so pretty around the lake. I am sure you love where you live! Thanks for taking te time to comment!

  4. Do you know how far the playground area is in relation to the pavilion that you can rent? Thanks!

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