So, How was your weekend?


I had the most marvelous weekend of food. I felt like I was on vacation. I have been wanting to sit down and blog about it since Saturday night but I haven’t had the chance. My mother-in-law is still here and the kids and hubby and the lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

I can already tell my schedule will be drastically changed for the summer. I used to come straight home from dropping the kids off and pour my second cup of coffee while listening to Pandora and just blogged whatever I pleased. And then the last school bell rang for the year. Summertime.

It is almost 2 o’clock in the afternoon. I am hiding from the kids so I can post this!

I have missed ya’ll.

Here is a very brief recap from my weekend.
This is Chef David Gilbert of Sustenio.

He is making green papaya salad.

It had shrimp,peanuts,thai chili and key lime juice in it.

It was divine. Crisp,fresh,crunch,sweet and salty. I loved it.

I attended a lunch at this new restaurant with a local blogger group of women who get together about once a month.

They are so fun and made me feel so welcome. I still can’t believe I have a blog and I get to meet so many new and wonderful people.

Chef Gilbert is adorable. Did ya’ll know he was single? A man with national award winning cooking skills is single.

We need to fix him up!



Here is the finished product.







We also had flatbread. The orangish powder on top is called chorizo powder.

It is my most favorite thing sprinkled on anything. Anything.






And if that wasn’t enough….. we had pasta.

I will wait while you ohhh and ahhh.

The pasta was handmade right before it was served. It is made from local hen yolks and served with golden beets and basil.

There aren’t enough adjectives to describe how good it tasted.



Last but not least, dessert.

Chocolate parfaits with fruit and mousse served by another handsome man.

Lady bloggers served by adorably, sweet gentlemen.


It was a glorious lunch, indeed.






The hubby wanted to go out that night after his Mom volunteered to watch the kids. Who am I to argue? We went to FEAST for dinner. It is a foodie paradise too. Two fabulous dining experiences in one day. That absolutely has never happened, well maybe when I used to have an expense account and I had to wine and dine people for a living.

This was our waiter at FEAST! I had to take his picture!

A whole day of dining out with adorable men.

The hubby just rolled his eyes. I told him it was s sign that I had to blog about it!

So here I am hiding out from the kids so I can share my wonderful Saturday with my Livin’ Sassy readers.

The moral of the story is that life brings you unexpected gifts.

Accept them and take their picture.

Even if your hubby rolls his eyes.

Stay Sassy Ya’ll.



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  1. LOL @ life brings you unexpected gifts, accept them and TAKE THEIR PICTURE!!!!! Love it!! Hubby is a great sport!! Glad you had a fun, interesting weekend!

    • It was very unusual to say the least. The hubby has given up at this point. My big Stud just rolls with it these days! I know you keep your man guessing too Karla. That’s what makes us sassy!

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