Buc-ee’s- A Pit Stop Like No Other


We finally stopped at the new Buc-cee’s.

If you aren’t from Texas, then I can best describe it as the world’s biggest convenience store and gas station. It has amassed a huge following by offering clean restrooms,snacks of all sorts and the cheapest gas per gallon; day in and day out. They also are brilliant at marketing by offering cheap prices on T-shirts with their Beaver mascot featured prominently. If you travel with teenagers of any age, then you know that you have to take their picture with their Buc-ee’s shirt throughout their travels, kind of like Flat Stanley but way cooler!  Who knew a gas station could be so hip?

We picked our boy up from UT Basketball Camp in Austin. I was so glad to see him.

He looks happy to see me. I think he must have missed my home cooking.

OK, maybe he missed the big Stud’s cooking.









We gathered up his bags and stopped at Buc-ee’s on the way back to San Antonio. The newest one is in New Braunfels. It is huge at almost 68000 sq ft and 60 gas pumps. That was not a typo. 60 gas pumps and there was a wait for every single one of them. It was 2.99 a gallon. I guess I would wait too!








Buc-ee has his own statue. It’s bronze. Don’t sit on the bronze Buc-ee.

It is a bazillion degrees in Texas right now. You might burn something!

He looks pretty happy though. He is feeling the love. Buc-ee Love.






When you get inside, you see clothing of all sorts. These are the original T-shirts that started it all!






The T shirt selection got prettier.










They even have undergarments with Buc-ee on them!

You know you have arrived when people purchase underwear with your face on them.

That Beaver is going to get the big head.








They even have an outdoor section that includes hunting stuff.

Whether you need to go hunting,fishing,tubing or cooking out, they got you covered!

You need to bring your cellphone inside because you surely will be shopping for a fishing pole while your wife is shopping for a swim suit cover-up. They have those too and they are pretty cute!

You are sure to lose each other in there!





They have a wall of snacks. Everything you could ever imagine.

Nuts and  trailmix help put this store on the map.








I couldn’t count the number of beef jerky flavors available.

The boy is a jerky fan, I am not.



They even carve meat in the middle of the store.

We decided to try the brisket sandwiches.





We also left with a couple of ham and cheese kolaches from their bakery.







And the Beaver Nuggets are the most popular snack of all.

They are like the cereal Sugar Pops but are covered in way more sugar.

They are a little addictive.

OK, they are a lot addictive.

They are now in an undisclosed location in our house.

The Sassy Summation of the new Buc-ee’s?

So glad you asked!

It is BIG. It has very clean restrooms. The gas is the cheapest around. The food is just so-so and a little too expensive. The merchandise is a lot better priced than the food.

We will definitely go back on our next pit stop in our travels around Texas.

After all, you have to stop along the interstate somewhere. Why not at a place that knows how to poke fun at themselves and give you what every traveler wants-Clean restrooms and cheap gas!

Stay Sassy Y’all. 








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  1. Nia Hobbs says:

    Omg, your son is taller than you! And yes he does look happy to see you. Do you know why Bucees has a beaver mascot?

    • Yes, he is and he is now wearing a size 13 shoe and he’s only 13. I can only imagine how much taller he will get and tower over his Mom.
      Buc-cee’s is privately owned by a family and “Beaver” was the owner’s nickname-this is according to a couple of sources on a google search I just did to answer your question! Thanks for taking the time to comment! I really appreciate it! Stay cool.

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