For the Sake of Bunco


I had every intention of posting this story about my Bunco game last night. I didn’t even partake of wine knowing that I would come home and blog about it. I apologize to my email readers for getting a one sentence post yesterday! You were supposed to have this post too! It’s a lot of work staying sassy!  I loaded up a few pictures that I took and literally fell asleep at my computer with my hands on the keyboard! Imagine letter imprints on my forehead.

It is such busy time of year with all three kids doing various sorts of end of the year school activities. It’s hard to keep up. Forgive me.

Bunco is a very complex game that requires skill,high intellect,precision and careful thought. OK, not really. It is basically a game where you roll the dice and a “six” is counted until you get to a total of 21. I can’t divulge too much because I would rather keep the husbands in the dark as much as possible. It is really just an excuse for us to get together and drink wine. Think of it like a book club where you aren’t required to read a book.

I am actually just a Bunco sub for this group. I have been an alternate for six years. Maybe it’s fear of commitment? I started out as a permanent player thinking I could participate when the twins were about 3 months old. Yes, I was a little too optimistic. My husband also taught economics classes at night and I never knew what night it would fall on. I could never really plan in advance. This was my little glimmer of hope of getting out of the house from time to time. They are such a wonderful group of women.

I have been involved in several groups before this one and they are all basically the same. You have dinner, talk and drink wine while catching up with one other. This is why the game is so easy because you don’t necessarily have to pay attention. It consists of 12 people at 3 tables and you are paired up at the initial game. You then move around to different tables based on whether you won or lost a game. Someone always has to be the one to keep score. I am horrible at this. I talk too much. I defer to my partner. You can’t be paired up with your losing partner on each game. It allows you to be able to talk with everyone by the end of the night. The head table leads the way. When they reach the total of 21 that game is over. You usually play a total of 15 games or however much time allows. By the end of the night, you should have been able to visit with everyone. You can even award prizes based on the level of play. Most or least games and consolation prize. It’s all in good fun.

Bunco is part support group,chat fest,fashion show and recipe exchange all rolled up together! You should start one. You won’t regret it.

I used to belong to one when my son was little where we had a rule that you didn’t have to clean your house. And take out food was strongly encouraged. It was such a relief. After all, it shouldn’t be about making the perfect meal you pulled off of Pinterest. Don’t stress. Have fun. Enjoy each other.

Last night, it was all about vacation planning. We all exchanged ideas on where to go this summer. And we might have even tackled the topic of world peace.

We left with smiles and hugs; refreshed and ready for another month of attempting our own little world peace at home.

See you next month Bunco Babes.

Stay Sassy Ya’ll








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