Emergency Date Night


I was feeling overwhelmed with birthday parties and the kids school and sports activities. I called for an emergency date night on Saturday night.   I just wanted a casual meal with my man that wasn’t rushed or one I didn’t have to cook. I wanted to go somewhere and hold hands and pretend that we have absolutely no responsibilities whatsoever for at least a few hours.  I have never called it this before so the hubby (aka the Big Stud) was a little worried. He said, “What exactly makes it an emergency?”  I assured him that it didn’t involve talking about his feelings. Of course with this revelation he breathed a sigh of relief!

We have been tag team parents lately and seeing each other coming and going from the kids practices.  After homework and finally getting the kids in bed,  we were then having to get on our laptops for work. Peering at each other over technological devices isn’t the most romantic means of communication, to say the least.

The hubby is always on some sort of deadline with an economic impact of this or that. I am usually fascinated by the current project he is working on but lately I haven’t even known what the current project is because we have both been too busy to even talk about it. I had to stop this madness and now. Hence, the emergency.

After almost 18 years of marriage the conversation in the car went like this:

The Big Stud: “Where do you want to go?”

Me: “I don’t know, where do you want to go?”

The Big Stud: “Well, what do you feel like eating?”

Me: “I am not in the mood for anything specific”

The Big Stud: “Can we just drive until we run into something?”

Me: “With gas prices this high?”

The Big Stud: “Well honey, it’s your emergency so you pick”

Me: “Let’s go to Fralo’s because they let you bring in your own wine bottle and you know I’m cheap”

We drive out to Fralo’s and see the ridiculous amount of cars and we can’t even find a place to park. We both agree that it is just far too crowded so we drive to the new food truck place called The Point. We have been before and loved it. There are a lot of cars but we do park and get out and there were kids everywhere which prompts me to say, “Honey, there are way too many kids and I love kids but I don’t want so many on our emergency date night!”

The Big Stud: “So what do you want to do now?”

See above and repeat

Riveting, I know.

We somehow wind up at Dough Pizzeria when I reminded the Big Stud that it might be the perfect place to go by ourselves since the last time we were there the boy said he liked Papa Murphy’s pizza better. GASP.  You can’t really take food critiques from a 13 year old boy very seriously.  We don’t. He also considers Panda Express fine dining.

We love this restaurant. We have eaten here many times but only a couple of times since they appeared on the show, “Diners,Drive-In’s and Dives.” It was crowded but it was worth the wait. We had plenty of time to wait for a change. They text you when your table is ready and send you a link on your phone to a trivia game. Genius. But on this visit, I had absolutely no desire for technology.

We shared the grilled romaine salad. It comes with tomatoes,asparagus,onions and bits of bacon. I never thought grilling lettuce could taste so good. I must try it at home the next time we grill.

I ordered the Fontina pizza (picture taken with our cellphone) It comes with oak roasted mushrooms,caramelized onions and parmigiano  reggiano cheese. It makes me want to sing with every bite. The hubby ordered the margherita pizza. He enjoyed his but didn’t mention anything about singing! We had plenty to take home too. I am trying to decide the perfect time to have the leftovers. I have to be careful where I burst out in song!

Tonight we are peering at each other again over our technology; But this time I am smiling and waving back since I am again in tune with my man. The emergency date worked. I feel refreshed and ready to take on another hectic week. And the economic impact of our emergency date night? Well, it feels like a million dollars!

On another note: On my walk tonight with our neighbors, my friend Stella informed me that my last two posts had one typo each. She’s a teacher. I guess that means I get a B on those posts!  Forgive me. I’ve been slipping. I promise to do better. Typos aren’t too sassy!

Love ya’ll

Stay Sassy but with spell check!


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