Sassy Girlfriends Top 10 Favorite Things #5


Meet my friend Charlotte. She is from my hometown. We were in band together. This is what band nerds grow up to look like! Hubba,Hubba! She is the epitome of a Southern Lady. She is sweet,caring,soft,resilient and smart. Her faith and wit run deep and her loyalty even deeper. She is all the things that I love about growing up in East Texas. Love ya Charlotte. You are one of a kind and I am so blessed to call you a friend! Her list will make you realize that everyone who knows Charlotte loves her too!


Here are the things that make her feel Sassy! 

* Watching Gone With The Wind with someone who has never seen it before.

* Sitting on the porch swing with my husband, when the giant Magnolia tree is blooming and our big old lazy cat is stretched out in a sunbeam at my feet.

* Any Beach, Any Where and Every Mountain! Mostly Big Bear Lake, in the Southern California mountains near where I was born and where we spend our summers with family each year.

* Driving across the desert with all the windows down, wearing dangly earrings and big sunglasses!

* Sharing a joke with my grown-up son who can always make me laugh!

* Living in a small town where I can walk to the cafe, church, city park, library, or even my mom’s house next door to show off a new pair of shoes! And, as always, my very best friend is just minutes away….AND WE ALL THREE WEAR THE SAME SIZE SHOE!!!

*Snuggling with my sweet little dog, Putt Putt, while I read,sleep,study or knit. Her warm little body and cold NOSE are my constant companion.

* Homeschooling our middle-schooler with lots of love and prayer and field trips…we LOVE field trips!

* Anyone who knows me and sees this list will know I’m a big, fat liar if I don’t include cooking and/or seeking out and eating anything rich and decadent and yummy.

* My only, only, and therefore favorite, talent is knitting and crocheting so I do it as much as I can but I give most of it away because my sons don’t really like stuff made out of pink mohair, which is, of course, another of my most favorite things…


Don’t you just love her?

Stay Sassy Ya’ll

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  1. Aside from the knitting and driving through the dessert, I’d say Charlotte and I were separated at birth. Love these favorite things and love Charlotte. She really is as beautiful on the inside as out :)

  2. Love your favorites Charlotte!!! Laura described you perfectly!! A wonderful, smart, funny, cutest thing ever East Texas girl! I love all the pictures you post of your knitting, you are very talented! Thank you Livin Sassy for another great top 10 list! Keep them coming!

    • It is one of my favorite things~seeing what my sassy friend’s list will be-so fun! You need to do one soon Karla! Love ya’ll!

  3. Angie Ritenour says:

    I love your list Charlotte!

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