Girlfriends are the Best Therapy!






I have been thinking about my girlfriends lately. I am in that time in my life where I am the car pool driver and our weekends involve so many of our kid’s activities. I love every minute but your friends take the back burner. I just feel so lucky to have friendships that have lasted my whole life.  Friends that you talk on the phone like it was yesterday; can it really be that long ago?

I just got 3 Christmas cards in the mail. It is January 24! They are all from friends I met in my Mother of Multiples group. I was so happy to get them.  I  know they felt like they just won a gold medal by getting their cards out by Easter. I feel an extra special bond with these women. We survived combat together. Since my twins started kindergarten, I don’t get to see them as often and some have moved off. They all have a wonderful sense of humor. It is kind of necessary. You have to laugh or cry. Laughing is way more fun.

One of the cards had a newsletter. Not the kind that brags about their perfect kids and their perfect careers and fabulous vacations. Don’t you just hate those? They poke fun at themselves. Here are a few of my favorite kid quotes from their letter:

“I don’t think I’m ever going to get married. It seems like a lot of work.” –Andrew 7,postulating at the dinner table

“Taking toys into the bathroom is against the law.” –Nathan 4, stating a new household rule after a flushing accident with one of Dad’s circa 1973 Matchbox cars

“Can you give me a hint?” –Lawson 4, yelling at his brothers during hide and seek


I really need to call them all up and get a girl’s night out together. I miss them all so much. Who needs therapy when you have such wonderful friends!


If you have know of anyone that is expecting twins, triplets or more then let them know about support groups like There is a national organization for groups throughout the country.  They will be so happy they joined. I sure was.



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  1. Ah. . . Laura! What a great post! Mothers of Multiples are the best: empathetic, honest, and funny. Also, they are good drinking buddies!

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